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Wild Roller Coaster Restaurant takes food on a ride to your table

Taking food delivery to the next level with spins, slides and loop-de-loops. Roller Coaster Restaurant is a restaurant concept that has been implemented in some unique markets in Europe and Asia.

This concept has not yet made it to the United States, even with a multitude of amusement parks and nightlife cities that could fit this design. Roller Coaster Restaurant is the concept name, but has been called other titles in its permanent homes.

The Alton Towers Resort named their version Rollercoaster Restaurant, but you can also visit this concept as Food Loop in Europa Park. Elsewhere in Europe, there is a version in Vienna, Germany.

How it works

The concept is simple, order food on a touchscreen device at your table. From here the order and seat placement is sent to an upstairs kitchen. Here the staff make drinks, appetizers, desserts and entrees. They securely lock your food and send it soaring through the restaurant.

Some tables will have a loop for their path, others may have a spinning funnel leading to their table. Either way, your food will be delivered to you in a way you have never seen before.

Servers come around the collect the “roller coaster” rail attachments and eventually your empty food bowls as well. This makes for an energetic restaurant, full of food zipping around above your head.

Taking roller coaster to a new market

Being the first of something is getting increasingly harder in this fast moving world. So seeing a concept such as this seems like it could be ready to hit major markets. Its flaws are the need for a two story design and the style of food you can serve. Unless packed very tight, many food items could move around too much in travel.

As seen in this Attractions 360º video, items such as pasta ride along well. Filling in meals with fries also helps to bolster the food bowl walls for travel. Surprisingly, even the cake came out unscathed.

Other food-moving concepts

Taking food to your table via odd modes of transportation isn’t new. You can get a model train to deliver you beers in the Prague, Czech Republic. You can have hot pot food ingredients delivered to you on a conveyor belt in Orlando, Florida. In Las Vegas, Nevada, a robot can make you a cocktail and deliver it. There is even a robot staffed cafe in Tokyo, Japan that allows those with disabilities to work from home.

Would you visit a Roller Coaster Restaurant, or even make it a need-to-visit stop on a trip?

Instead of food on roller coasters, how about roller coasters themed to food? Good Gravy is coming to Holiday World, in Indiana, in 2024. This Thanksgiving gravy themed coaster is built for families, with a theme you haven’t yet seen on a thrill ride.

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