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Gravy themed roller coaster coming to Indiana’s Holiday World

You read that right, a gravy themed roller coaster is coming to Holiday World. Good Gravy will be a Vekoma built, family-style roller coaster.

This coaster will pull riders up-and-out of Grandma’s house before plummeting back through the home on their way to make some much-needed gravy for Thanksgiving dinner. Riders will pass by gigantic kitchen accessories and ingredients, including a chicken timer, whisk, rolling pin, Koch Dairy bottle and a box of Ruth’s Stuffing. 

Good Gravy roller coaster coming to Holiday World

Unlike any other coaster theme in the world, this gravy inspired family attraction will focus on food, family and fun. It will reach a height of 77 feet in the air and speeds of 37 miles per hour. Good Gravy will be 1,500 feet long and expects to open May 2024.

Goody Gravy roller coaster overview.

The Good Gravy roller coaster will be located in the Thanksgiving area of Holiday World. The ride vehicles themselves will be themed to gravy boats, with a full coaster train holding up to 20 riders. You can pre-purchase the 2024 season pass to Holiday World now and be among the first to save that gravy.

Gravy coasters, new Avatar themed food and a new Disney Pickle Milkshake. Food items are taking over the theme park world.

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