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Fans petition Disney to bring back The Citizens of Hollywood

Fans are asking Disney, in a formal petition, to bring back the beloved group, The Citizens of Hollywood, to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This long-standing entertainment offering faced its last days during the 2020 park closures and hasn’t since formally returned to the park.

While Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Walt Disney World as a whole, have been bringing back past offerings, fans are still waiting for select entertainment to return. The Citizens of Hollywood began with Disney’s Hollywood Studios, then known as Disney’s MGM Studios, back in 1989. With 31 years of service, fans are wishing for Disney to return this group to Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard.

You can join the petition for free. Many fans of Disney Parks and live entertainment stand behind this request to bring back this lively group. Alongside being a part of park tradition, their quirky vehicles and peculiar traits added a special touch to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The Citizens were brought back for a brief moment in 2022 during the Walt Disney World Marathon. Fans were thrilled and came to the comment section to express their love of the group and desire to see them return permanently.

You can sign the petition, asking Walt Disney World to bring back this group to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Petition author, Kat Corson, will be going live on BigFatPanda, reaching out to fans for help with moving this entertainment offering petition forward.

For now, a new entertainment offering is soon to debut at Magic Kingdom Park. Mirabel, from “Encanto” will have an all-new meet and greet location starting in September.

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