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Disney is finally bringing back parking trams – 231 days late

Parking trams at Walt Disney World are finally coming back to all four theme parks. For many, this isn’t a big deal as they have been offered for some time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom Park. For others, this is Disney finally completing their promise for 2022, now 231 days late.

Even though Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios have continued to charge the same price for parking, they have not offered the same benefits. Not all guests utilize the parking trams. But for those with unseen disabilities, those who are elderly or many guests ending a long day at the parks, these trams are very helpful.

Walt Disney World misses their own deadline

Walt Disney World is proudly announcing this accomplishment, but it also acknowledges the company’s failure to meet their own deadline.

Back in 2021, the Disney Parks official account stated that all trams would be back at the parks by the end of 2022. That did not happen. Instead Magic Kingdom was given the trams back first. This was an obvious need with Magic Kingdom’s massive parking lot. Next, Disney’s Animal Kingdom brought back tram ride options.

But the other two parks? Disney was silent about this for months and months. When the company failed to meet its own deadline, it was noticed.

Parking trams finally back at Walt Disney World

Now, sometime in September, all four parks will once again have parking trams. We can be thankful for this change, while also noting that this was well beyond Disney’s own deadline. They weren’t required to set a deadline, but they did.

Pushed back deadlines and missed opening dates have plagued all of the theme parks, especially with COVID-19 and delivery issues happening around the world. Universal Epic Universe, an upcoming theme park set to be in competition with Walt Disney World, was put on pause before erupting up again with new construction work.

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