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Cheetos MAC’ramé Mac ‘N Cheese fanny pack and shoe giveaway

Cheetos, mac & cheese and macramé, combining together in an odd but visually appealing collection. With a fanny pack and shoe offering, for a price tag of $0, now is the time to join this Cheetos giveaway.

This collaboration features the work of Coral Castillo. Castillo is a high-end macramé designer who has been featured in Vogue, No. 8 and other fashion features. Now she is utilizing her talents to craft Cheetos Mac ‘N “Cheesy” accessories. While not for sale, you can potentially get these for free, if you win the sweepstakes.

Cheetos shoes macrame giveaway

The MAC-Tops

Coral Castillo brings her signature macramé style to life in sneakers, a first for the designer and macramé artist. Available in three colors, The Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese x Coral Castillo MAC-Tops are covered in macramé detail handmade by Castillo. They feature logo details on the outsole and tongue, Chester-inspired cheetah print lining, and custom orange outsoles that give the sneaker a one-of-a-kind touch.

Cheetos fanny pack macrame giveaway

The Fanny MAC

Last year, Cheetos introduced a Fanny Mac bag designed to fit a single serve cup of Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese. Now this accessory has a new look with the help of Coral Castillo. The Fanny MAC features Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese details with a corkscrew noodle zipper, smooth cheetah print lining and an adjustable faux leather strap with macramé details. The Fanny MAC is also designed to fit a 5.9 oz box of Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese.

Enter the Giveaway

Anyone 18 and older, located in the United States of America, can enter this sweepstakes for free. Cheetos is requesting your home address, phone number and email address in exchange. Head to the Cheetos MAC’ramé Mac ‘N Cheese fanny pack and shoe giveaway website to try your luck.

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