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Disney is selling a vibrant green Pickle Milkshake at Epcot

Yes, a Pickle Milkshake at Epcot. Green, designed by The Muppets and for sale exclusively during the Epcot International Food & Festival.

Started in 1996, the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival has hosted hundreds of thousands of guests and served millions of portions of food. This event, which began as a month-long event, now runs for 114 days from the middle of summer into fall.

In recent years, more and more items have gone viral during Epcot’s annual events. From Figment’s popcorn bucket to peanut butter and jelly wings, Epcot ends up shared online for wacky products and food items. This time, the green Pickle Milkshake.

Pickle Milkshake Price and Location

The Pickle Milkshake can be bought at the Brew-Wing Lab at the Odyssey building. This is located near Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion. In recent years, Disney has been re-theming this space to fit the events and their unique offerings. Now The Muppets, specifically Bunsen and Beaker, have created a special food lab.

You can purchase this shake, with its included themed cup, for $5.75. At this time, no Annual Passholder discounts are accepted. Even with a longer line today, it took less than 15 minutes to grab the shake and find a table in this air-conditioned building to enjoy it.

Epcot pickle milkshake poster.

Pickle Milkshake Review

This isn’t just a milkshake to buy for the photo and the “WOW” factor. The milkshake was vanilla based with a secondary taste of dill. If you don’t like dill, or general pickle flavors, this won’t be for you.

Pros: I kind of liked it. Shared with friends, this Epcot Pickle Milkshake was enjoyable. Drinking it by yourself may be too much dairy or dill at one time. But it wasn’t thrown away, and I would actually recommend this treat to those who are interested. The price was also fair for a medium-sized milkshake at a theme park.

Cons: This milkshake had a powerful smell of pickles and not in a good way. A strong whiff of this shake may make you regret a purchase.

Epcot Cast Members posed with me for a Laboratory team photo.

The Brew-Wing Lab Cast Members

As always, the Cast Members were fantastic. Many of them wore lab coats and were working diligently to keep the line moving. With it being the opening day of the event, it was packed.

In honor of the theme and opening day, I wore a SpectacuLab (a previous Epcot attraction) lab coat and a green shirt. The Cast Members were quick to welcome me “to the team” and asked if I wanted to “clock in and help out.” Interactions like that are what make Disney Parks such a fun and memorable place to visit.

If you are looking for more Disney Parks drink news, it was recently announced that Disneyland would begin selling alcoholic drinks in more locations. This is a bigger deal because Main Street U.S.A. has never sold alcoholic drinks in the park’s distory

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