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Apple and Microsoft inspired Designer Folder Wallet for sale

A designer Apple or Microsoft Folder Wallet, the perfect holding device for real-life documents. These vegan leather carriers, designed by Nikolas Bentel, bring form and function to your pants pocket.

Any designer or tech-nerd has had to use folder after folder in a digital space. Now these containers can come with you as mini-money holding devices, no maximum GB storage to worry about.

Folder Wallet GIF

Nikolas Bentel Studio has become famous for totally unique apparel design. From pasta bag purses to Absolut martini handbags, Bentel produces anything but ordinary. Now, for a limited time, the Folder Wallet collection has returned with a price point of $69 per item.

Apple Folder Wallet.

Apple Folder Wallet version two

This vegan leather wallet resembles the all too familiar folder icons on Apple computers. With the bright, yet subtle blue, this Apple Folder Wallet features two pockets and a niche personality. This wallet is four inches wide by three inches tall.

Old PC Folder Wallet.

PC Folder Wallet

This vegan leather wallet takes you back to the ever-flowing green hills of the Windows XP background. This wallet also features two pockets and is four inches wide by three inches tall.

Manilla Folder Wallet.

Manilla Folder Wallet

This wallet came from the physical world and has been transformed ideally for your pocket. The vegan leather Manilla Folder Wallet features three separate pockets. This wallet measures out to four inches wide by three inches tall.

New Folder Wallet, made of vegan leather.

Folder Wallet

The New Folder Wallet, a vegan leather option that also sits at four inches wide by three inches tall. As the tech world evolved, so did their view of the PC folder. You can bring this new-world look along with you in a simple, yet effective, carrier.

These designer items won’t last long on the Nikolas Bentel Studio website. He offers an email sign up to see when new or returning products make it to the shop. But, if these folders are calling your name, now may be the time to “press enter” and name these folders as your own.

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