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‘The Marvels’ McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys arrive to Earth

Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, Chewie the Flerken cat and more are coming to Earth in toy form. “The Marvels” Mcdonald’s Happy Meal toys have debuted, with toy versions to collect in anticipation of the upcoming Marvel Studios film.

This trio of super heroes will have to face enemies and their own interconnected storylines as they battle to save us all.

You can get “The Marvels” Happy Meal toys for $4.39 with the Hamburger Happy Meal, $4.89 for the 4 Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal or $5.69 for the 6 Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal.

"The Marvels" activity sheet download.
Click the image above for the full PDF Happy Meal activity sheet download.

McDonald’s is also offering a free “The Marvels” Happy Meal activity sheet for download.

“The Marvels” film debuts in theaters on November 10. This Marvel Studios film continues the Marvel Cinematic Universe in phase five of films and Disney+ shows.

"The Marvel" Happy Meal Toys at McDonald's.
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