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Salt + Smoke BBQ in St. Louis Missouri – Affordable & Delectable

Salt + Smoke BBQ, a set of BBQ restaurants in the Missouri area, with a flagship store in the heart of St. Louis. On a recent trip we stopped by to taste their claim of authentic BBQ – we were impressed.

Looking for options? Head to the menu for yourself and see. For prices just slightly higher than mass chains like Applebee’s or Chili’s you can get yourself a much higher quality meal with better service (in our opinion).

In the heart of St. Louis

While there are numerous locations, we visited the Salt + Smoke BBQ location in the middle of St. Louis, mere feet from the Cardinals Busch Stadium. While fairly open on our visit, this location is full of patrons on select weekends and game days. For those travelers visiting St. Louis, this location is within walking distance of the iconic St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Food options – BBQ is king at Salt + Smoke

Pulled pork and brisket, plus two sides and a cheddar popover, all for $21. In a city center, this is fairly priced meal for a filling offering. Salt + Smoke offers non-meat options as well though, with gluten free breads and falafel. For those BBQ lovers, you can stack up four meat options, with sides, for $29. Checkout the menu.


St. Louis BBQ is famous, and a city center restaurant needs to uphold that standard. For our visit, it did. The mac & cheese was one of the best we have ever had at a restaurant, smothered in cheese and very soft. The beef brisket and pulled pork were tender, warm and worked well with the available table side sauces.

The only complaint would be the included bacon & cheddar popover. All three at our table felt it was dry and minimal in taste. But, as the popover was just an added part of the meal, not something we had to individually order, it it didn’t take away from the meal offering.

Overall, we felt very satisfied with our meal, coming out to $23 a person before tip. Salt + Smoke BBQ offered great taste, walkable distance to city highlights and quick service.

Instead of traveling to the food, let it travel to you. The Roller Coaster Restaurant takes the food on a wild ride, straight to your table.

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