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LULU Dome Glamping opens in South Florida this November

LULU Glamping, where nature meets luxury, announced the unveiling of its glamping experience nestled in the heart of South Florida. A 40-minute drive from Miami International Airport, LULU Glamping offers a retreat that transcends the boundaries of traditional accommodation – geodesic domes.

Each glamping site boasts a spacious 1100 square feet, ensuring room for relaxation and enjoyment amidst nature. The modern living units, featuring two geodesic domes and a private patio, immerse guests in nature while providing the comfort and amenities of a top-rated hotel. 

LULU Glamping stated, “We’re thrilled to announce that the construction of our first-ever dome structures is not just on track but ahead of time! Mark your calendars because in November 2023, and not December or January as initially anticipated, we will be rolling out the red carpet for our inaugural guests.”

“From constructing domed gazebos on building rooftops for private events to setting up an outdoor hot tub movie theater, I strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” says Volodymyr Hahonin, the founder of LULU Glamping. “As an Airbnb super host with a wealth of hospitality management experience, I firmly believe in the transformative power of memorable experiences over mere material possessions.”

LULU Glamping dome structure, one of a few domes made for each group to offer privacy and unique stays.

Dome types at LULU Glamping

The main dome is a retreat designed to accommodate up to four guests with 364 square feet of space. It features a king-size bed, and a fully-equipped kitchenette with essential amenities like a compact refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and basic kitchenware. A lounge area hosts seating and a flat-screen TV. What sets this dome apart is the 13-foot window ceiling, adorned with a five-pointed star design, allowing guests to indulge in stargazing.

A separate bathroom dome spans 189 square feet and boasts a luxurious bathroom with a bathtub and showers, ensuring a relaxing and indulgent experience. Each unit offers complete privacy and views of the surrounding lush gardens and natural landscape.

LULU Glamping exterior area, located in South Florida.

Guests can step outside onto a built-in private deck, featuring a lounge area and tanning lounge chairs. There is also a private hot tub, allowing guests to unwind and soak away the day.

Guests can dine on private decks underneath the outdoor dining pergolas. Nearby is a fire pit and barbecue area. Guests can gather around the fire pit for cozy evenings under the stars or savor a dinner with family and friends in this outdoor space.

Activities on location and nearby

Guests are invited to engage in stargazing and yoga on property, as well as take walks on the manicured trails. Nearby, guests can engage in local activities such as Schnebly Winery, an alligator farm, the Monkey Jungle, Miami Zoo, Coral Castle and more.

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