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Elevated MoonPass Lookouts AirBnb is fully funded on Indiegogo

Sleeping among the stars, surrounded by nature, with a focus on personal connection and history of the land. The MoonPass Lookouts Airbnb project has been fully funded by over 1,000 backers.

Kristie Wolfe, the renowned Airbnb host and creator of extraordinary properties, is thrilled to announce the launch of her latest venture, MoonPass Lookouts: An Elevated Forest Experience. Featuring five custom-built fire lookout towers on 55 acres of forest in Wallace, Idaho, this totally unique Airbnb offering will place visitors among the stars

MoonPass Lookouts Airbnb interior view.

Perks of staying at MoonPass Lookouts

Set on a 55-acre property, 30 feet in the air, the fire lookout towers provide privacy and ample space. From the hues of autumn, to the lush greens of spring or a winter wonderland, the 360-degree windows can offer an uninterrupted connection to nature. Each of the towers will come with:

  • 360º scenic views of the forest landscape, encircled by towering trees.
  • Smart Glass Roof that can be adjusted during the daytime, with the glass turning from clear to opaque and blocking out 99% of UVA rays.
  • Stargazing without light pollution with a 14 foot by 14 foot glass roof and a no-light-pollution environment that will allow visitors to enjoy the night sky from the comfort of their bed.
  • Kitchen that is fully-equipped for meals or snack time. 
  • Full size bed with views in almost every direction of the sky and forest.
  • Wood-burning stove for warmth and the sound of a crackling fire.
  • Bathroom to provide comfort in the wilderness without too much camping out.
  • Private sauna to rejuvenate visitor’s minds and bodies after a hike
  • Complete privacy with the five towers spaced apart over the 55 acres for maximum solitude.
  • Pet-friendly policies allow visitors to bring their furry friends to their MoonPass Lookouts.

Aerial drone view of the eventual MoonPass property.

Outdoor activities

MoonPass Lookouts invites visitors to embark on thrilling adventures in the embrace of nature’s wonders. This destination offers a range of activities and experiences from exploring landscapes, engaging in outdoor adventures, or simply basking in the peace of the natural surroundings. One of the unique experiences is a custom built Forest Sound Amplifier that visitors can lay in and hear the sounds of the forest like never before.

The MoonPass Lookouts Airbnb destination also offers fishing at Placer Creek or the onsite pond. Visitors can engage in axe throwing, mountain biking on Hiawatha Trail, hiking the nearby Pulaski’s Trail or taking a snowy ride in a Snowcat during the winter months.

A nature bound historical visit

Visitors can also head to the city of Wallace, Idaho. This city holds significance as the starting point of the Great Fire of 1910, also known as the “Big Burn.” This event remains one of the largest forest fires in U.S. history. As part of the MoonPass Lookout Airbnb property, visitors will have the opportunity to explore The Fire Lookout Museum. This space, which will also be open to the public, will showcase the history and impact of this devastating event.

One of the notable figures from the Great Burn is Ed Pulaski, a hero who led his firefighting crew to safety in a mine shaft. Visitors can embark on a five mile hike from the MoonPass property to visit this mine shaft, paying homage to Pulaski’s bravery and the historical significance of the event.

Adding to the experience, the fire lookout towers stand as reminders of this historic moment. The inclusion of the fire museum adds an educational element to the MoonPass Lookouts Airbnb journey.

MoonPass Lookouts Airbnb bed and glass ceiling view.

“I’m hoping the tower rentals will fund the Fire Lookout Museum. In doing so, we can create a space where folks can learn about our forests, fire history and pick up some important fire safety tips,” stated Kristie Wolfe.

The project is currently full funded on Indiegogo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a deal. During the funding process, backers get discounted prices for helping fund this project.

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