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You gotta try ChiliSpot – if you aren’t afraid of authentic flavor

ChiliSpot is a Sichuan, Chinese and seafood eatery based in St. Louis, MO, Columbus, OH and Orlando, FL. Three distinct locations, three distinct food types. After a recent visit to the St. Louis destination, I recommend this spot to anyone who isn’t afraid of spice or authentic taste.

According to ChinaSichuanFood.com, “Sichuan cuisine originated in the Sichuan province of China. The province is located in southwest China and is renowned for its spicy food…Although it is famous worldwide for its mala flavor, there is much more to Sichuan food than just mala. Sichuan food is famous for its fresh ingredients, variety of cooking techniques, and tons of other flavors.”

@eyntkinfo Yummy packed with heat 🌶️ ChiliSpot is a must visit for those looking for authentic bites and shareable platters! Averaging $25 a person, this meal experience can’t be miss with a group of friends or family looking for a wide variety of flavors. Head to EYNTK.info to learn more about this offering, and many other tasty bites you don’t wanna miss. #ChiliSpot #StLouisFood #OrlandoFood #ColumbusFood #Foodie ♬ bando – sped up + reverb – bbygirl

Share with family and friends at ChiliSpot

While you can certainly get your own entree or appetizer, ChiliSpot is an ideal location for sharing food. The plentiful flavor and wide variety of food types means that everyone can try distinct flavors and learn their favorites. On my visit I tasted Storm Fish Fillet, Dry Pot Chicken, Sautéed Lamb with Cumin and spicy Sezchuan Wontons. Your table will also be presented with a large bowl of white rice that is refilled on request.

The Storm Fish Fillet is packed full of flavor with pops of heat.

Authentic taste, full of flavor and spice

I already stated that I would highly recommend visiting ChiliSpot – unless you are afraid of spice or authentic flavors. I myself enjoy spicy food, and a majority of the menu will have heat involved. This menu also goes beyond what some standard diners may be accustomed too, such as pork kidney, frog, pork intestines and beef stomach.

I almost always recommend going out of your comfort zone to try new things, but don’t worry you can find more commonplace items on the menu as well. Our meal consisted of chicken, fried fish and lamb.

My entree was the Sauteed Lamb with Cumin. This hefty portion was easily shared as we all went around trying out the different flavors of each meat ensemble.

ChiliSpot isn’t focused on street presence

ChiliSpot highlights its food, not its exterior. The outside of these establishments seem nonchalant, so don’t expect a photoshoot outside of a wildly themed eatery. Instead, get your cameras (and appetite) ready for the meal. You can see on Yelp, those who do step inside are very impressed. All three locations offer English and Mandarin speaking staff, as well as take out or dine-in options.

You can checkout the official ChiliSpot website, with links to online order for pickup and delivery.

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