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Universal Horror Unleashed – Name reveal for Las Vegas destination

Universal Destinations & Experiences, the branch overseeing parks, resorts and specialty entertainment offerings for the Universal brand, has announced the name of their next venture – Universal Horror Unleashed. Bringing the world of Halloween Horror Nights to Las Vegas, this new endeavor will unleash 365 days of screams and scares.

Universal Horror Unleashed, coming to Las Vegas at Area15.

Universal Horrors Unleashed will be part of a successful entertainment district, the Area15 complex. Currently home to Meow Wolf’s iconic Omega Mart, Liftoff, a bar that takes riders 130 in the air with cocktails in hand, and numerous art exhibits and mixed media offerings – Area15 is a standout destination.

Universal is the king of horror

Now, the king of horror experiences, Universal Destinations & Experiences, is making their mark in Sin City. Universal Horror Unleashed will be a monstrous 110,000 square foot complex, featuring drinks, food, exclusive merchandise and of course horror related experiences. This complex will offer continually changing entertainment, with Page Thompson, President of New Ventures at Universal Parks & Resorts stating “This is a horror party. It’s a lot of fun. It’s not just about gore.”

There is no question, Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida has become world renowned for its attention to detail in the horror genre. Its focus on fun, storylines and horror aspects has won it the Golden Ticket award for best Halloween event on Earth.

Expanding the Las Vegas offering

Now, Universal seeks to take that success and make it a year round offering (something many fans, myself included, wish we could experience in Florida). Las Vegas has been a nightlife and entertainment capital for generations, but the past fives years have seen massive work to open this city to even more visitors.

From Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop, to the newly opened Las Vegas Sphere and the upcoming Formula 1 race in Las Vegas, this city is continuing to push beyond its casinos – as it has for decades. This new Universal Horror Unleashed experience is yet another offering poised to keep Orlando and Las Vegas at ends for entertainment capitals of the United States.

Universal positioned for daytime fun and adult-focused nightlife

Universal Destinations & Experiences have focused on splitting themselves up, even within their own parks, for daytime family fun and nighttime offerings more focused on adults. This has led to family-friendly fun for Christmas experiences. It has also led to the blood, gore and horror of Halloween Horror Nights, and many more options in between.

This Las Vegas expansion is happening at the same time Universal is also expanding towards families in Frisco, Texas. This upcoming family-friend offering is expected to open by 2026. Whereas this Las Vegas based Universal Horror Unleashed may open at the Area15 Complex in 2024.

Are you ready to step into a world of horror, even in the months of March and May? Universal is hard at work, bringing year-round scares and screams to Las Vegas.

For the first time ever, Death Eaters have taken over Halloween Horror Nights in Diagon Alley. One of numerous entertainment offerings during this year’s event, these scareactors wield dark magic in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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