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Death Eaters coming to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando

The Universal Orlando Resort has confirmed that Death Eaters from the Harry Potter franchise will be taking over London and Diagon Alley this fall. During select dates, the Death Eaters will take to the streets, inviting willing participants to join the Dark Lord.

In case you don’t know, Death Eaters are part of Voldemort’s inner circle. Known for their dark mark on their arms and their sinister masks, these witches and wizards strike fear and pain onto their enemies.

These radical magic wielders are pure blood wizards, those who seek to bring a pure order to the wizarding world and eventually the entire world. They disregard magical law and often destroy, steal and even murder.

Death Eaters stage setup for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida.

Set up for show and scares

Stage and prop setup has happened for a few months now inside of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. While it took until now for Halloween Horror Nights to acknowledge it, the signs were telling.

Seen above, a set of crates are around a small elevated platform. This platform has a grate that will be used for smoke and lighting effects. Death Eaters stand on top of this as powerful green lights and smoke effects shoot up, creating their “magic.”

Hidden in some of the crates are powerful LED lights that can be static or triggered at just the right moment. As with all of the production elements at Halloween Horror Nights, expect a lot of fog and dramatic lighting.

Diagon Alley will no longer be the “safe space” to escape the horror as these intimidating Death Eaters will be lurking in Knockturn Alley and out in the streets of London. As with all performers at Halloween Horror Nights, you won’t be touched. But Death Eaters, like other scareactors at the event, can and will get very close to you. You can expect shrieks, stares and jump scares.

Buy your tickets to the horror fest

Halloween Horror Nights starts Sept. 1 in Orlando. You can buy tickets online or purchase them in person at the park. To save substantial time, it is recommend to buy them in advance online so you can use a digital or printed out pass to go right to the gates.

Harry Potter and the Wizarding World won’t be the only iconic property at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Stranger Things season four will also be represented with a haunted house and food offerings. You can face Vecna and join Eleven at this year’s event.

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