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Universal Epic Universe colorful tile hotels make huge progress

Universal Epic Universe is well underway with new rides, lands and experiences. Thanks to Bioreconstruct on Twitter (X), we get a look at the two upcoming Universal Epic Universe colorful tile hotels and their out-of-this-world design.

Opening in 2025, this theme park and lodging expansion to the Universal Orlando Resort will make a huge impact to Orlando and the theme park industry. New rides, lands, shows and offerings will be pouring into Central Florida – the competition is getting ready.

Universal Epic Universe colorful hotels tile exterior.

Universal’s Galaxy Tiled Hotels

Two hotels will be built with these vibrant reflective tiles. According to Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop, an incredible resource for Universal and theme park construction news, these two hotels will be named Terra Luna and Stella Nova. Of the two, Stella Nova is farther along and will be the primary hotel we are looking at in this article.

These hotels are expected to be in the moderate or value price range. They will offer close-by access to Universal Epic Universe, but not direct access like Universal’s Helios Grand Hotel that is also currently being built. These two hotels will have views looking at Universal Epic Universe and of the Orange County Convention Center.

Shining, shimmering, splendid

Hard to appreciate in photos, but these tiles are vibrant and extremely reflective. When completed, these hotels’ exteriors will be showstoppers. They already make a huge impact on those driving by on Universal Blvd.

Reflective tile hotels at Universal Epic Universe.

To get an understanding of their reflection, checkout the image above. One day, the pool’s crystal waters will make for quite an aerial photo when reflecting back the hotel’s tiled surface. The ever-changing Florida sky already makes these hotels appear to shift in color and brightness.

Reflective tiles installed on Stella Nova and Terra Luna hotels with placement for lighting effects.

Nighttime illumination will sparkle

While not confirmed, it is firmly believed that the circled area will house lighting that will sparkle at night. These lights haven’t yet been seen around the construction site. There is a chance these could be smaller lights, meant to simply strobe and sparkle. Or, they could be larger show pieces adding even more energy to the hotel’s exterior. Most likely these lights will be minimal though, letting the hotel’s vibrancy speak for itself.

As you can see, these windows still need to be installed. While some of these rounded windows have been installed elsewhere, there are still many spots waiting for glass installation. Another thing to note, both of these windows have a large platform about one fifth of the way up the window. This could mean that the glass is partially covered inside of the room. This platform could be the basis for a window nook seat in the room.

Concrete skeleton of colorful tile hotels coming to Universal Epic Universe.

The skeleton underneath

A base of concrete stands strong underneath those tiles. Each of these hotels, Terra Luna and Stella Nova, were formed with concrete before a lattice was installed around a majority of their exterior. Workers are there each day, individually installing these pieces of tiles – each with their own color definition.

Lattice tile installation process for Universal Epic Universe Stella Luna and Terra Nova hotels.

Seen above, this lattice is being used on most of the hotels’ exterior. The colors range, with some areas mostly featuring warm colors and others leaning cold. Like building a Lego set, workers have to follow a masterplan, tile by tile, as this colorful collage comes together.

It seems every single week that something new is happening at the Universal Epic Universe site. We took at look at the end of summer progress of the site, as construction continues full speed on new roller coasters and lands.

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