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New multi-level Chick-fil-A concept store coming to Atlanta, GA

Massive. Built for speed. And never selling beef. A new multi-level drive-thru Chick-fil-A concept store is coming to Atlanta, GA. This world-first Chick-fil-A design is focused on mobile ordering and speed, without a loss in customer service.

Chick-fil-A is known country wide for fast service, even with their continually longer lines. Chick-fil-A’s efficiency can a 10 car line shorter than a two car line at competitors’ locations.

Multi-level Chick-Fil-A concept store coming to Atlanta, GA.

Multi-level Chick-fil-A concept store design

In this concept, the restaurant’s kitchen area will be placed on the second floor. The order pickup will be located on the first floor, covered from the elements by the kitchen above. The drive-thru lanes will be separated into Mobile Thru lanes and standard drive-up lanes. This method will allow mobile ordering to be swift, while also offering a standard procedure for those not utilizing the Chick-fil-A app.

Drive Thru divided into Mobile Thru and standard ordering lanes.

Digital order lanes

“Digital orders make up more than half of total sales in some markets – and growing – so we know our customers have an appetite for convenience,” said Khalilah Cooper, executive director, restaurant design. 

Chick-fil-A spoke on the advantage to this concept, “Chick-Fil-A’s drive-thru concept is designed for greater ease and efficient service, while still providing the friendly and warm hospitality our guests have come to know and love. Guests can choose to place their order with a Team Member or use the dedicated Mobile Thru lanes for orders placed ahead in the Chick-fil-A App. Either way, meals will be delivered quickly and in good hands.”

Nighttime view of Chick-Fil-A concept store.

Chick-fil-A continues to dominate the fast food sector in nearly any city it moves to. With few exceptions, these fast food destinations tend to pull the biggest mealtime crowds. They also tend to cause traffic in the surrounding area. This Chick-fil-A concept store will allow for more food, faster delivery and hopefully less impact to the surrounding areas.

Food concepts don’t end with the food service industry. A new Thanksgiving gravy themed roller coaster is being built in Indiana. Good Gravy, a family style coaster, opens at Holiday World in 2024.

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