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Best Etsy home purchases for a Halloween movie night

Spooky time is all the time. For those looking for the right niche Halloween decorations and apparel for this season, Etsy has shops waiting to provide. Getting cozy for a night-in of spooky movies, pumpkin flavored items, warm blankets and thunder in the distance is essential this fall. These Etsy Halloween options are curated to make a night of nothing but hanging out.

Etsy features homemade gifts and smaller shops. It is important to look for real people and not mass Amazon and eBay re-selling. Look for those gifts that a computer isn’t going to recreate in 10 minutes.

A niche Etsy Halloween item for sale, Pillsbury cookie pillows.

Pillsbury Cookie Pillows by MyShutterApp

Iconic cookies are now iconic pillows. These Pillsbury Cookie Pillows by @MyShutterApp start at $25, but you can get a bundle set for all three at $60. Eat some Halloween sugar cookies while you lounge with the sugar cookies, an Etsy Halloween set match made in Heaven.

Hand crafted pumpkin cushions, perfect for autumn.

Pumpkin Cushions by SegunShop

Fluffy, themed and available in many colors. @SegunShop offers Pumpkin Cushions fit for a couch, in the corner of your room or sitting on a perfectly curated autumn themed coffee table. Starting at $30, these can be a gourd-ish addition to your home.

Spooky Scary Mickey Mouse skeleton shirt.

Spooky Scary Skeletons Tee by theTPWKcollective

Spooky, but not too scary. The classic Disney Halloween cartoon, with a bit of Mickey Mouse inspiration. The Spooky Scary Skeletons t-shirts by @theTPWKcollective sell for $30. Make sure to order up a size for the perfect oversized tee to enjoy on a rainy day.

Until We're Dust blanket on Etsy.

“Until We’re Dust” Skeleton Blanket by DesignsbyvictoryShop

You will need a blanket to snuggle under and this customizable option is to-die-for. The customizable skeleton blanket by @DesignsbyvictoryShop starts at $74. These handmade blankets can feature names, dates and initials. Pick the perfect death partner to share this blanket with.

Ghost plush pillow, an Etsy Halloween option for sale now.

Plush Sherpa Ghost Pillow by SterlingStitchCo

Pile up those pillows, because you can’t have Halloween with a ghost. This Plush Sherpa Ghost Pillow by @SterlingStitchCo sells for $25. A simple, yet perfect addition for the autumn season.

Mickey Mouse Starbucks mug with Halloween coloring.

Color Changing Mickey Mouse Starbucks Cup by theTPWKcollective

Mickey Mouse, Starbucks, Halloween colors and color changing magic. What else can you ask for when drinking an iced pumpkin spice latte? @theTPWKcollective offer this color changing Mickey Mouse Starbucks cup for $30.

Mug Rug Etsy Halloween coasters.

Pink Halloween ‘Mug Rug’ Coasters by EmbroiderywithAycan

Place that Starbucks cup down on a pink-ified and plush ‘mug rug’. The Pink Halloween ‘Mug Rug’ Coasters by @EmbroiderywithAycan sell for $14. Buy one for a highlight piece, or purchase a group of ghosts to take-over your home this October.

If you are looking for name brand items for October, American Eagle has new Disney, Peanuts and Care Bear branded options.

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