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Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, trackless ride – Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland’s trackless ride, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit. This E-ticket attraction offers cop car style vehicles, numerous animatronics, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and an adventure through the city of Zootopia.

This major attraction is the centerpiece of the Zootopia land, a 2023 expansion to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort. This family friendly ride invites guests into an immersive ride-through experience into the animal world of “Zootopia.”

Zootopia: Hot Pursuit Ride Overview

Guests become a rookie police officer at the Zootopia Police Department. This attraction, which is set after the movie’s timeline, has residents of Zootopia gearing up for a big concert celebrating Zootopia Day, with Gazelle (voiced by Shakira).

When entering the Zootopia Police Department, guests will be greeted by Officer Clawhauser. An alarm sounds and guests will be sent away to an emergency briefing delivered by Chief Bogo. Gazelle has been kidnapped, on the day of the anticipated concert, and guests need to join Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to save the day.

Zootopia Hot Pursuit Ride concept art.

Guests will board a trackless ride vehicle, themed to a Zootopia police car. Riders will traverse across Zootopia, sliding across the ice of Tundra Town, through the streets of Sahara Square, visiting Mystic Springs Oasis and plummeting from the canopies of the Rainforest District in pursuit of the evil Bellwether and her gang.

Zootopia land sweet teats at Shanghai Disneyland Park.

Food offerings in Shanghai Disneyland Zootopia land

Guests can enjoy a sweet and tart paw-shaped Disney Zootopia popsicle. There will also be massive Jumbo-Pops for sale, alongside other sweet treats.

Shanghai Disneyland expands with Zootopia and Disneyland Park in California expands onto their famous Haunted Mansion. Read more about how this iconic attraction will have a new queue and merchandise location.

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