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Walk-around Toad character comes to Universal Studios Hollywood

Toad has joined Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood. This lovable character, complete with his excited expressions and tiny stature, is a fan favorite at Universal Studios Japan.

Guests in Hollywood can join in on the fun with this new character meet. Unlike with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, Toad does not speak. But, that won’t stop this energetic character from interacting with his Nintendo friends.

Video taken at Universal Studios Japan

Toad and Nintendo Characters

Toad’s tiny features, and bold personality, have made him a favorite in the video game and theme park worlds. Super Nintendo World is currently being built for the upcoming Universal Epic Universe in Florida, which is scheduled to open in 2025. Toad, Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are expected to all be there upon the new land’s opening.

Daily showtimes for Toad and other character experiences can be found in the Universal Studios Hollywood app.

Toad joins his animated version, Chef Toad at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Toadstool Cafe

Before his character debut, Chef Toad had already been making food at Toadstool Cafe. From mushroom burgers, to themed soup bowls, and “?” block desserts, this Toad themed cafe is the main eatery in Super Nintendo World.

This reasonably priced (for theme park food prices) restaurant serves items ranging from the mushroom Mario Burger, at $16.99, to the Princess Peach Cupcake, at $9.99. Checkout the full Universal Studios Hollywood version of the menu, cooked up by Chef Toad of course, on the Universal website.

Meeting characters at Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is one of the most popular areas of Universal Studios Hollywood. Mario and Luigi usually meet together, allowing for a unique duo meet and greet opportunity. Princess Peach has become famous for her interactive moments. And now, Toad has made his way into Universal Studios Hollywood.

Wait times for these characters average higher than most other characters in the park. Pack your patience as you await to meet Nintendo’s iconic celebrities. Timing is important as well. If possible, plan to meet characters in the earlier part of the day, or closer to evening. This will help you avoid the major crowds and waiting out in the peak sunlight.

Lastly, it is also important to give characters (in any park) time and space. They meet hundreds of friends a day, so give them time to give each-and-every person their own interaction. No need to rush anyone, or get too touchy, with these Nintendo pals.

Alongside the character meet and greets, you can also see characters in their animated form. The highly immersive AR dark ride, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, lets you get in on the action of a Mario Kart race.

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