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Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi is a perfect sweet snack for 80 calories

Trader Joe’s has new ube mochi, available for a limited time, in stores for $5. This dessert pack comes with six servings, at 80 calories a serving.

Trader Joe’s states, “The inspiration for this particular flavor-texture combo came from a Crew Member in one of our stores! We reached out to one of our suppliers to develop this treat just for us, and the result is a warm-weather novelty you’ll only find in our stores.”

Trader Joe's Ube Mochi nutrition facts and box.

High only in sugar, these low calorie snacks allow for a bite of mochi goodness in the middle of your day or as an after meal dessert. Either way, these purple yam goodies are sure to be a sweet treat.

What is ube?

Never had ube? Ube is a purple yam from the Philippines. In recent years this flavor has gained popularity in North America. Ube is primarily used in desserts, like ice cream, donuts and mochi. The flavor is a subtle nutty vanilla taste, close to that of pistachio.

Trader Joe’s offers specialty flavors, such as the ube mochi, for a limited time. While currently sold out in stores, you can get the Ube Pancake Mix on Amazon.

Spam also has a new flavor, maple. Maple Flavored Spam is the first new Spam flavor in eight years, one of many variations of the meat offering in its 86 years of business.

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