Walt Disney World is one of the most photographed places in the entire world. Photographers flock to get that signature shot of Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the nightly fireworks. Steve Wilcox, from Sirius Studios, takes the magic of Disney Parks a far-step beyond your everyday photographer with Disney photos that can only be described as simply magical.

Featured above are two shots you may have never seen before. In a digital world full of Disney photos, a new angle is something you rarely come across. Wilcox was able to capture this light streak from Magic Kingdom, which looks like the iconic Disney Castle Tinker Bell intro.

“Inspiration 4 was the first all civilian launch to orbit. I love rocket launch pics (even more than Disney) but I wanted to get a rocket launch from Disney,” stated Wilcox. “I knew it was possible, and I did the math around…getting a night launch with little to no clouds, when Magic Kingdom was still open. Took around four years before everything lined up.”

Located on the southern portion of Walt Disney World’s property, the Mickey Mouse sunset shot is part of Disney’s power grid operations. Of course, Walt Disney World uses even utility operations to their advantage with a massive Mickey Mouse.

Disney Epcot Magical Photos Sirius Studios

Spaceship Earth Beacon of Magic Lights

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth was retrofitted with vibrant LED lights during the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary. From special light-based graphics to the all-new lighting package, this upgrade added even more life to this park icon.

From a sparkling fireworks background, to one celebrating the 4th of July, Spaceship Earth can now be modified to fit the occasion. The parks do make it easier to capture these magical Disney photos. With the right angle and know-how, you can capture that feeling of wonder in a photograph.

Disney characters

Elsa’s magic can’t be seen through the lens, but it can through the eyes of those willing to believe.

From large-scale fireworks to one-on-one character interactions, the Disney Parks provide all types of entertainment offerings. Do you prefer shows, character experiences or rides?

You can see even more magical Disney photos on the Sirius Studios social pages. Wilcox’s photos were originally found on the Institute of Disney Photography Facebook page. This is a fan-group made up of professional and amateur photographers, dedicated to capturing all-thing Disney Parks.

Another type of Disney fan has also created something worth sharing, an intricate scale model of the Magic Kingdom, completely built out of Lego. From rides and shows, to tiny details and hidden storylines, this creator built a colorful Lego Magic Kingdom.

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