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Lego creator builds intricate scale model of Magic Kingdom

Lego fans and Disney fans are often one in the same. For super-fan Kragle Kreations, these two worlds came together in a massive Lego Magic Kingdom creation which spans of 25 feet in length.

Kragle Kreations, using the krazy glue weapon name from “The Lego Movie,” uses imagination and a bit of pixie dust to design this theme park recreation. Building a Lego Magic Kingdom is no small feat. With this iconic theme park rebuilt in such a large scale, there is room for the tiny details.

This Lego park features many of Magic Kingdom’s attractions, as well as shops, shows and characters. Kragle Kreations even uses designs from other parks and Disney properties throughout the build.

Lego Magic Kingdom TRON Lightcycle / Run ride.

Using pre-designed Lego Disney sets

Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction, TRON: Lightcycle / Run has been added to the Tomorrowland section of the park build. Thanks to Disney’s strong partnership with Lego, some of these builds come from pre-designed sets.

Pandora the World of Avatar, part of this Lego Adventureland.

No, you won’t see Banshees and floating mountains at the Magic Kingdom. But Kragle Kreations let their imagination fly and uses the backside of Adventureland to let this Disney’s Animal Kingdom property in. Lego is built on fun ideas, and this Magic Kingdom won’t be any different.

GIF of Lego Magic Kingdom fireworks turning real with Photoshop AI.

Lego Magic Kingdom at night with working lights

With the power of imagination, and Photoshop AI, these Lego fireworks come to life above the Magic Kingdom. Kragle Kreations uses real lights and powered bricks. This allows the park build to come alive day and night. Do you prefer visiting the parks during the day when the sky is blue and the park is full of energy? Or, would you rather go during the cooler evenings, when the lights add a touch of magic?

Main Street U.S.A. lit up at night with powered lights and Lego bricks.

You have probably seen Main Street U.S.A. this packed at night, but now you can imagine it from this view. The crowd is clamoring for a view of the Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular.

Seven Seas Lagoon, recreated with Lego.

Lego creation expands to Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon

This Lego Magic Kingdom creation didn’t stop at the front gates. The build expands out to include the Seven Seas Lagoon, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resorts, Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This area features other properties like Lego Star Wars and Moana.

Kragle Kreations continues to update this Lego Magic Kingdom build with new rides, shows and shops. They have full 10+ minute tours on their Youtube channel.

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