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Disney Parks fan recreates Splash Mountain at home pool

Inspired by Disney and Universal Parks, Scott Baker has recreated famous attractions and films throughout his home. His recent recreation garnered attention online when he debuted his Splash Mountain home pool build. This summer splashdown location pulls in details, designs and the iconic look of Disney’s Splash Mountain attraction.

We were able to speak with Baker, asking him about the inspiration, the build time and the choosing of this iconic attraction. Baker isn’t a trained craftsman in this type of work, but has been self taught with the aid of YouTube accounts like The Smugglers Room.

Splash Mountain pool slide, created with carved foam and fiberglass.

The building process of this Splash Mountain pool

Baker states, “The mountain I got started a couple of years ago. It’s all underneath made of Tractor Supply block, the styrofoam blocks. I glued them all together and got the base built out. Then I got onto other projects and didn’t get back to it that much, until last year I got more of it carved down…this summer, June, I finished it in early October.”

Baker covered the foam builds with tin foil before applying fiberglass and resin to create the hard outer shell of these structures. The mountain, which encompasses the pool’s slide, is meant to be left outside. But many of the other decorations will find a home indoors during the Michigan winter to avoid snow and harsher elements.

Looking at different movie and ride properties, he realized Splash Mountain had plenty of props that could be recreated at a home scale. Most of the smaller props and signs were fabricated a year ago, with the major set pieces being finalized this summer. But Baker will continue to fine tune his project for next summer’s fun.

Recreated signage form the Disney Parks ride, remade for this Splash Mountain pool.

The Splash Mountain inspiration

Baker has been going to Disney Parks since 1997, when his eldest son was five years old. He, like many of us theme park fans, was interested in the architecture styles and building techniques used in the themed lands of Disney and Universal parks.

“A few years ago, I was trying to figure out whether I would go with Pirates of the Caribbean, I was thinking Star Wars maybe,” says Baker, “and then when they announced Splash Mountain was gonna go, and re-themed, that was the deciding factor. Since they are gonna change it, I’m gonna make one.”

"Everything is satisfactual" signage at Splash Mountain pool.

The future of Splash Mountain

Baker said, “I was a little disappointed [in the changing of Splash Mountain at Disney Parks], if they wanted Tiana to have a ride I think they could have worked out something else to make a ride for her in an expansion, or something, and keep Splash Mountain. Because, it is so loved and iconic…We really want to go to Tokyo sometime, so it like’s oh we can still see Splash Mountain again.”

Baker said they want to make plans to visit Tokyo Disney Resort, but are partially waiting for the new Fantasy Springs area to open at Tokyo DisneySea. Fantasy Springs opens June 6, 2024, and will feature “Tangled,” “Peter Pan” and “Frozen.”

Cars movie build for son's bedroom, featuring Red the Firetruck from the Disney Pixar film.

Other park projects

Baker stated he isn’t just focused on Disney. His son has a Jurassic Park room. In fact, many of the rooms in his house are themed. Baker has a YouTube channel, showing a build he did of a Star Wars bathroom.

“It’s cool, and people want to see it and stuff, it’s fun to show them,” said Baker. “When people come to visit, that’s why it’s fun building it, because you see people’s reactions…it’s a nice reward.”

Another Disney fan also recreated a famous ride in his home, Living with the Land. This surprise home re-theme uses handcrafted work and Etsy purchases to bring this boat ride to life at home.

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