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Orlando International Airport Experience MCO Visitor Pass Program

Enjoy the sights, the bites and the flights. The Orlando International Airport has begun the Experience MCO Visitor Pass Program. This free program allows anyone, once pre-approved by TSA, to visit MCO’s new Terminal C.

You do not need a flight ticket to use this pass, in fact this pass is made for those not flying. Why visit the Orlando International Airport? There are many reasons why this pass could help:

  • Eat at their signature restaurants 🍝
  • Surprise family and friends getting off of a flight 🤫
  • Capture photos of airplanes or do an Instagram photoshoot in the airport ✈️
  • Visit the famous Universal Orlando store with its immersive wrap around dragon screen 🌎
  • Enjoy the interactive artwork 🎨
  • Walk family and friends right to their airplane, instead of dropping them off outside 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Wait for flight pickups in the AC, instead of your car ⏰
  • Add additional lounge space when waiting for your Brightline high-speed train service (both Terminal C of MCO and the Brightline Train station are connected) 🚅

How to apply – for free!

Applying for the Orlando International Airport MCO Visitor Pass is free and pretty simple. You will need to head to this link: https://experiencemco.orlandoairports.net/

Then pick a date and time to visit. You will need a TSA approved photo ID, such as a drivers license or a passport. Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, gender and email address, with optional input of your phone number. These must all match your TSA approved photo ID.

You will be able to add on additional visitors when you sign up for this pass, you don’t need to make separate passes for each individual. Minors without a photo ID must be signed up and accompanied by a supervising adult.

Head through TSA check with the Orlando airport visitor pass.

If you book in advance, you will receive your MCO Visitor Pass after midnight, the day of your visit. If you request an MCO Visitor Pass day of, the Orlando International Airport states you should receive an approved pass within 15 minutes of applying (if only all travel was that fast and easy).

The MCO Visitor Pass can only be redeemed between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and all visitors must leave Terminal C by 8:00 p.m. Visiting guests can bring in one personal, but not large luggage. At this time, visiting guests can not use Clear, TSA PreCheck or MCO Reserve to move through the TSA line faster. But, if you have ever visited MCO’s Terminal C, you will know that it fairly quiet compared to the busier Terminal A and B.

Why only Terminal C of the Orlando International Airport?

Unlike Terminal A and B, a majority of Terminal C is behind TSA. In fact, 95% of all food and merchandise offerings are only available once you have gone through the TSA check. That is a stark difference from the shopping and dining areas (like the famous escalator into a Chili’s) at Terminal A and B that are open to all visiting the airport.

The Orlando International Airport Experience MCO Visitor Pass allows anyone, once approved by TSA, to visit Terminal C. Terminal C is a gorgeous new addition to the airport with modern art, signature dining experiences and shopping (including the amazing Universal immersive dragon screen). Terminal C is also connected to the Brightline Train Station building, so even Brightline riders could apply for this program while waiting for their train.

A view of Terminal C at the Orlando International Airport.

Frequently asked questions

Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for an Experience MCO Visitor Pass? Yes.

Can I leave the airport and come back later in the day? Yes, the Experience MCO Visitor Pass allows exit and re-entry only on the day of your approved visit. However, you must re-enter the TSA screening checkpoint no later than 4:00 p.m. If you return on a different day, you will have to complete another request for entry through the online registration. Visitors re-entering the passenger terminal may be delayed at the TSA Checkpoint due to the prioritization of ticketed passengers.

Is wheelchair assistance available? Participants are able to use a personal wheelchair or other mobility aid. On site wheelchair attendants and wheelchairs are only assigned to ticketed passengers by their airlines.

Can I use an Experience MCO Visitor Pass to enter Terminals A or B? No, at this time the Experience MCO Visitor Pass program is only accepted in Terminal C of the Orlando International Airport.

Where and when do I sign up for an Experience MCO Visitor Pass? Subject to availability, you may apply online for the same day and up to seven days in advance. You can apply now: experiencemco.orlandoairports.net

What forms of identification are accepted? Any non-expired photo identification accepted by TSA may be used to register for an Experience MCO Visitor Pass, including driver’s licenses from other states, and U.S. and international passports.

GIF of walk through Terminal C at MCO, via Orlando airport visitor pass.

Enjoy, explore, dine and shop at MCO

That is it. Apply for the Orlando International Airport MCO Visitor Pass, grab your family or friends, head through TSA and enjoy Terminal C. This free program is in testing phases, so check ahead for available dates. This service is expected to be offered daily, but could be modified or cancelled at the discretion of TSA or the MCO Airport.

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