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Disney delays controversial “Snow White” movie debut a year

The Walt Disney Company has announced that their upcoming live action “Snow White” film is being pushed back – an entire year – to March 21, 2025. The film, which has received online backlash, appears to be undergoing major reshoots and CGI to “fix” issues.

Disney states, “a live-action musical reimagining of the classic 1937 film – is coming to theaters on March 21, 2025. The film – which stars Rachel Zegler – invites audiences back into the magical world of Snow White with beloved songs and recognizable characters such as the Evil Queen and, of course, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy, Sleepy and Doc.”

Diversity reshoots expected to be cause of delay

Disney’s re-imagined “Snow White” got massive attention earlier this year when it appeared the iconic seven dwarfs were replaced. Online debate erupted when the image was originally stated as fake, but eventually proven to be taken from the set. That photo, combined with the SAG-AFTRA strike and Rachel Zegler’s infamous interviews, has meant Disney has been somewhat stuck as the anti-woke punching bag.

From that image of the seven magical creatures, to what we see now, it appears Disney has backpedaled on its initial story. More of a remake, less of an altered re-telling. It worked incredibly well for the 2019 “The Lion King,” which was an almost shot-for-shot redo of the original.

The Disney100 Celebration

The Walt Disney Company is currently celebrating its 100th year as a company. This has included new theme park expansions, Disney+ shorts, commemorative animated films and more. It was also poised to highlight the animated film that revolutionized the industry, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the 1937 classic. This new “Snow White” aimed to be the peak of the current trend of Disney live action re-tellings.

Instead, it appears Snow White will be a bit late (but don’t worry, Snow White’s prince showed up late as well and it all worked out). This new 2025 debut points towards major changes and CGI work needed to correct the film’s trajectory.

The film division may be delayed, but the Disney Parks division steams ahead on an all new land, Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea. This upcoming theme park expansion will make its 2024 debut date, opening with four all new attractions.

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